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Welcome to a place where your creativity meets endless possibilities. Your journey from learning to building impactful solutions is just a click away.

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Join the ranks of top companies who have transformed their customer service experience with Platform

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What do our app developers get?

Passive income opportunities

Build and monetize your applications within our ecosystem. It's not just about developing great apps, it's about creating a revenue stream that rewards your innovation.

Access to 40K customers

Gain access to our vast network of over 40,000 customers. An excellent environment for growth.

Cutting-edge development tools

Dive into our toolbox with the latest technologies and platforms to help bring your ideas to life.

Dedicated support

Benefit from our dedicated support team, who are on hand to help you maximize the advantages of our program.

Co-marketing opportunities

Broaden your brand's reach with our co-marketing opportunities. Increase your visibility and connect with potential clients.

Global community

Connect and collaborate with a vibrant community of developers worldwide. Learn from each other, inspire each other, and build together.

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Join our thriving Marketplace

Discover the Text Marketplace — a place our customers visit daily. It’s the perfect place to showcase your hard work. Publish apps, build your brand, and expand your customer base.

Our customers make more than 200 transactions daily.

Let them discover your solutions.

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Explore our offer and decide for yourself.

Research Toolkit

A possibility to arrange discussions with our community of customers, partners, and developers.
Insights and recommendations from our team about what features are currently needed by our customers.
Access to a list of app ideas, waiting for you to be created.
Analyze the data of LiveChat customers to make better business decisions about your app.
A guided beta launch of your app, so you can gather feedback and polish the details before the launch.

Development Toolkit

Your own, private Developer Console account to manage and distribute all of your apps.
Repository, deployment, and storage integrations with the most popular tools to guarantee smooth development.
Free development templates in multiple programming languages with a base to connect to our APIs.
Access to entire documentation including developer preview releases.
Completely free and unlimited access to all of our available technical resources.
Access to the messaging protocol, programmable chat, omnichannel, and chat APIs.
Access to settings, automation, and configuration APIs.
Access to multiple SDKs and sample apps for easy start and development convenience.
A structured Design System that matches the LiveChat App look and feel which you can build your apps upon.
Access to customizable graphics and resources to prepare the marketing materials for your app.
We're here to help you on the way. We have a dedicated technical support team to get you up and running.

Distribution Toolkit

We'll plan your launch together to make sure it's a success.
Paid apps setting with payment processing on LiveChat side and plug & play monetization API
Multiple ways to promote your app across the Marketplace: home page display, staff picks, and contextual promotion.
Custom marketing campaigns for your application sent to a tailored audience.
Cooperation with our Sales Team in distributing your app.
Way to precisely reach the right target of customers with the information they need.

Support & assistance

Ticket-based communication with our Developer Relations representatives.
Ticket-based communication with the Developer Program Team.
Access to an automatic app review for seamless application publishing.
Optional premium application review involving our teams' professional insights and advisory.
Dedicated private channel with our team representatives for you to discuess the partnership matters.

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Some frequently asked questions

The Developer Program is open to individual developers, aspiring programmers, as well as startups and businesses looking to connect with developers and new technologies.

Developers have access to a wide range of resources including the latest development tools, educational webinars and tutorials, mentorship opportunities, and a network of fellow developers.

Partners can connect with a network of skilled developers, get early access to new tools and technologies, receive dedicated support to maximize benefits, avail co-marketing opportunities, and collaborate with other innovative startups.

Click on “Start building now” to sign up as a developer or partner, respectively.

No, joining the Developer Program is completely free! We believe in empowering as many developers and partners as we can, and that starts with free access to our program.

Our dedicated support team is always here to help. After joining the program, you'll have access to a variety of support resources to assist you in your journey.