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Developer Starter Pack: The Most Useful Resources to Start Building Apps

Oliwia Połeć in Developer Console on Sep 14, 2023

In the world of tech, being a developer is like being an explorer, always on the lookout for new opportunities. Developers and explorers share common skills — sharp observation, adaptability to change, quick thinking, and the ability to work well under pressure. 🔍

Today, we want you to channel that inner explorer. However, we’d rather put your research skills to the test in some other way than by forcing you to wander unfamiliar terrains. That’s why we put together a neat starter pack for developers who stumbled upon our Developer Program and saw it as a great place to build some apps.

So, whether you're exploring the uncharted waters of app development or searching for that spark of inspiration, our starter pack is here to guide you on this expedition.

Platform Docs

Every developer understands that documentation is THE ultimate resource to look for when you’re getting to know an API, so our docs were guaranteed to be on our starter pack list. Don’t take our word for it; find out for yourself. Visit the docs and discover our robust API solutions.

See the docs >

Text Platform Resource Center

This one’s a newbie among our assets. Our Resource Center is like bringing fresh talent into your team but with the constant delight of discovering their exceptional knowledge and skills. The Text Platform Resource Center is your one-stop destination. Inside, you’ll find tutorials (both written and on video), sample apps, success stories, interviews, and much more.

Explore the Resource Center >

Building Apps Crash Course

This one in particular deserves special recognition in our starter pack. Why? Our Crash Course guides you through all the stages of app development — tells you what you should consider even before you start writing your first line of code, shows you how to code a complete application using Text APIs, and, on top of that, gives you some of our insider tips on how to make it shine on our Marketplace.

Watch the course >

App ideas

You have all this knowledge; the stack is there, but your inspiration has gone up in a puff of smoke. Not to worry — we’re equipped with a tremendous amount of ideas for apps, ready to be built and turned into Marketplace hits. Take a look through our list for a boost of inspiration.

Browse app ideas >

Design System

The Design System is one of the most popular resources among internal and external developers. Effortlessly align your apps with the LiveChat look and feel and ensure your prospective customers will get the same visual experience they have in the LiveChat App. And when it's time to update your app's design or make changes to the user interface, a design system significantly simplifies this process.

Go to the Design System >

Design guidelines

Our design guidelines contain a collection of the best UX practices and various practical uses of different design components. You’ll understand how users look at things and will be able to guide them through your app with smart component design. All this knowledge will help you create visually appealing and, most importantly, highly intuitive interfaces.

Get to know the design guidelines >

Copy guidelines

How do you sell your app to your customers before they’re inside it? Check out our copy guidelines, where you’ll find tons of advice for structuring your app description and benefits, and what to include to catch your potential customer’s eye. We understand that the first impression counts and our guidelines are designed to help you craft that perfect introduction.

Read the copy guidelines >

Markdown guidelines

Once you crafted your perfect copy, the next step is to ensure it sounds good and looks polished. That's where our Markdown cheat sheet comes into play. You’ll get to know the supported Markdown features you can use in your application description in the Developer Console. Great content deserves attention to detail, and Markdown will be your secret weapon to enhance it.

Check the Markdown cheat sheet >

We assembled this starter pack to be your trusty companion along the development journey, so explore and experiment! If you’re missing anything on the list or maybe in our resources overall, be sure to join our Discord community and drop us a message. We’ll be happy to explore new opportunities as well!

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