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Video introduction to the Developer Console

Oliwia Połeć, Dec 22, 2021

Learning is an essential part of growing your skills. You need to know more to get better at what you do. However, we do know that it can get tiring sometimes, with yet another tutorial to read… but what if you didn’t have to do that anymore? We decided to go a step further and try out a new video content approach.

In recent weeks, we prepared three brand new videos about the most common topics related to the Developer Console and building apps with LiveChat. We don’t want to give you too many spoilers for the content, but below you can find a brief overview of what’s in our videos.

Learn all Developer Console secrets

Our first video delves into the depths of the Developer Console, but worry not, it’s not as difficult as it may sound. We explained each of the Console tabs, giving a brief description of what you can do there.

Build an app... under 3 minutes

Is it even possible, you may ask? Of course! With some tips, tricks, and shortcuts, yet by no means making our work sloppier. Building an application is super simple and you’ll see proof of that in our video.

Find out how to monetize your apps

Passive income is a real thing and it’s a missed opportunity not to make use of it. By watching this video, you’ll understand the most important aspects of app monetization, learn where you can configure it, and get to know where you can track your apps’ revenue.

Make sure to give us any feedback you have — we’re making these videos for our users so if you’d like us to tackle any specific topic, don’t hesitate to send us a message on Discord or via email.

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