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Live coding with Developer Program: Authorizing server-side apps

Oliwia Połeć, May 11, 2021

Not long after we’ve organized our previous live coding, we are pleased to announce the third live coding session. The main topic of this event will be a modified version of the Authorization code grant flow, which can be used in server-side apps, commonly called backend apps. Additionally, we’ll have some extra tasks for you, which we’ll reveal in the next post about the session. Stay tuned!

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If you participated in our previous sessions, you must already know our host, Jakub Sikora. He’s a lead frontend developer in the Developer Program team, with a lot of experience in coding and teaching.

The live coding session will take place on May 20, 5pm CEST. Make sure to save the date! If you’d like to be notified about all of the information about the upcoming event, join our Discord server.

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💡 Read a Developer Case Study with our host, Jakub Sikora >>

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