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Use our online text difference checker to compare all types of text files.

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What's a diff checker?

Our online diff checker tool lets you compare text files by word or character differences. An online diff tool is useful for comparing two text files to find duplicated text or a specific text difference.

This difference checker online includes multiple features to help you compare text, including selecting between word or character differences, case sensitivity detection, and line numbering for convenient code file format comparison.


Here's how to read the results from our diff checker online:

To begin, paste your two text files in the text boxes on the page. Our diff checker will compare the text and return the text comparison in the field below the input boxes.

The text in the left input will be the original file for comparison. The text from the right input will be the compared text.

Any text highlighted in white is common for both text files scanned with the diff checker.

Red text will be anything the file compare tool detected as present in the original text but found removed in the compared file.

Green text will be anything new found in the compared text file but not visible in the original text.
To read our text compare tool, simply paste the two files in the input boxes and review the final difference checker result.

You can paste text from any file format — in the case of code files, the diff checker will keep the original formatting for both the input and the result of the difference checker.
Use the diff checker to compare code files for debugging or compare creative text files to ensure you avoid plagiarism or duplicate content.

A text diff tool automatically highlights any detected text difference, making fixing any errors in your text documents much easier.
No, currently there's no limit to the number of words our diff checker online can compare.